Business IT solutions

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Business IT solutions

At Remi IT Solutions, we provide comprehensive IT business solutions, so you can focus your time and resources on growing your business.

Employee Onboarding/Offboarding

Onboarding/offboarding employees efficiently requires secure and fast internal processes. Remi IT Solutions will create a seamless system for managing your employees and their IT access.

Cloud Computing

Are you trying to decommission an old server and move your software package into the cloud? Perhaps you need to enable a fully remote workforce. Remi IT Solutions has the expertise in-house for the design, implementation, and migration services of your cloud environment. We make cloud enablement for modern and traditional applications both painless and cost-effective.

Computer Sales

Choosing the best computers for your business is no easy task. Remi IT Solutions will ensure your business is running on computers that optimize your business efficiency. And we’ll give you a hassle-free warranty on all purchases.

New Office Setup

At Remi IT Solutions, we can help your business with a new office setup and design. From purchasing the best hardware and software, to ensuring your IT network is optimized, Remi IT will identify and fulfill all the IT needs for your new office.

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