A Guide to Overcome Top Compliance Challenges

The 2024 HIPAA Guide for Small Medical Practices

This ebook is designed to give healthcare practice owners and administrators signs of potential non-compliance and strategies for effective adherence.

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What will you get out of this ebook?

This guide is more than a checklist; it’s a blueprint for fostering a culture of privacy and security within your practice.

  • 01

    Inadequate Staff Training: A Critical Gap in HIPAA Compliance

  • 02

    Adequate Data Security Measures Are a Must

  • 03

    Bolster Patient Data Security through Stringent Access Controls

  • 04

    Regular Access Control Audits - A Preventive Measure

  • 05

    Moving Forward: Implementing Effective Risk Management Strategies

  • 06

    You Got Hacked. Now What?

  • 07

    Create a Customized HIPAA Policy for Your Practice

  • 08

    Appoint a Security Officer from Within Your Practice

“HIPAA compliance is a mammoth, unending endeavor.
Remi IT Solutions is helping us ensure we maintain the best possible IT security for our patient data. As we scale our operations while providing the best possible care to our patients, the Remi IT team continues to meet the needs of our growing practice.”

Dr. Michelle Collie
CEO, Highbar
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